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Q-insights, has been a member of the ISA family since 1997. We have two beautiful facilities in the Los Angeles area: Sherman Oaks and Universal CityWalk. Qi also recruits for and manages a large volume of in-person research all over the USA via tablets. Qi specializes in car and other clinics, large recruits and multicultural recruiting and interviewing and has a national database of over 150,000 respondents.
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SoapBoxSample, the newest member of the ISA family, is an online sample company with a Fresh approach. From Online studies to mobile research, SoapBoxSample provides a powerful toolbox for online data collection.
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Linked Hera

Linked Hera is a unique method for conducting call center satisfaction. Utilizing a combination of technologies, resident at your call center and here at ISA, we eliminate the bias inherent with traditional approaches for measuring call center and agent satisfaction.

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