Our Mission

Our singular mission is to deliver high-quality data according to the ethical and methodological standards of the many research organizations we belong to. It’s our guiding principle as we drive our business forward and meet new challenges. We ingrain our focus on quality in each and every employee and operationalize quality through key performance metrics. We understand that your data must be collected and processed to the highest standards in the industry. Our training and performance metrics reflect our commitment to our clients’ needs.

ISA succeeds in our mission by continually investing in state-of-the-art systems, providing the most rigorous orientation and training program in the industry, and communicating our emphasis on quality from the top down. Our management team communicates our vision and message to all employees, but more than that they follow-through with ongoing investments in training, measurement, and systems.

Safe & Secure Data

We invest aggressively in technology to ensure complete security
ISA invests aggressively in technology to ensure that our systems and your data are completely safe and secure. Based on ISO/IEC 27002 standards, our security policies include information classification, management of files and separation of data, immediate response to cybercrime (including malware), resiliency of the IT environment, and management and review of our policies and their implementation. Our advanced technology is designed to deliver your data smoothly, securely, and quickly.
We use an in-depth defense strategy
The defenses include physical defenses, network defenses, and logical access controls. Each of these is based on a carefully designed and implemented process. We do it right. For instance our production servers are located at highly secure co-location facilities with limited access, security guards, man-traps, n+1 power, and multiple connections to the internet and our private MPLS WAN. Our data collection systems are hosted in facilities that are certified as SOC2 Type II.
We protect personally identifiable information
As a member of CASRO and the MRA, we follow guidelines for management of personally identifiable information. ISA has established and maintains a culture that understands the importance of security to our clients, partners, respondents, and business. ISA is committed to protecting its employees, technology, critical information and business assets from risk of all kinds. ISA considers security and our customers’ confidentiality as fundamental to our business.
Self-Healing, Top-Speed Fiber Optic Lens
ISA rides on the same dedicated Sonet-ring fiber optic circuitry as Los Angeles’ emergency response network. In the unlikely event of a breach, the network is designed to self-heal at the speed of light. Not many companies can make this claim, and we’re proud to be one of them.

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