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    Q-insights Expands with Creative New Facility in Marina Del Rey, California

Q-insights Expands with Creative New Facility in Marina Del Rey, California

After a year of strong growth, Q-insights, a member of the ISA family of companies, announced the opening of their new location in Marina Del Rey, California. Beginning March 1, the state-of-the-art research facility will be used for focus groups, product testing, and appliance research.

“Over the years, our clients have repeatedly requested a West Side presence to go along with our legendary high–quality service and recruiting,” said Jamie Quider, Q-Insights Director of Operations. “This new facility meets those criteria along with a comfortable, modern feel, that will stimulate and inspire respondents in a relaxed and inviting setting.”

The facility is equipped with two standard focus group rooms, with two-way mirrors for client viewing; a large multi-purpose room that will be used for quantitative IDIs, usability, shelf-testing or appliance research. The QI-MRD location has the same flexible, accommodating host staff and project management that Q-inights clients have come to expect, and the focus on quality will continue to be the QI gold standard.

To schedule a tour or check availability, contact Jamie Quider at 818-530-1003.

About Q-insights

ISA’s qualitative division, Q-insights provides national focus group recruiting and coordination plus field management for national F2F/intercept studies. Q-insights is known for an unparalleled expertise in automotive research (car clinics) and in multicultural research targeting unacculturated Hispanic and Asian respondents utilizing an “outside the mall” approach.

Combining coverage in all major markets with the use of mobile data collection Q-insights supports some of the most difficult recruiting and intercept projects while providing highly-accurate data and real-time field reporting.

The Q-insights project team is highly trained and responsive, working with clients to meet their project goals. Q-insights is known for the ability to employ mixed methods such as onsite placement with telephone follow-up. Also, the […]

Hispanic Laundry Study

The objective of this AA&U research project was to gain a better understanding of what factors are considered by Hispanic respondents when shopping for laundry detergent and fabric softener for their families. Various aspects of the buying decision were analyzed such as how culture, tradition or product characteristics influence their decision.  Respondents were low acculturated and acculturated 18-49 year old Hispanic females who were responsible for doing the laundry in their household and decide which laundry products to purchase. A mixed mode approach was used whereby the more acculturated respondents were surveyed via SoapBoxSample online and the low acculturated women participated via intercept at unique locations in order to better target this group. The online survey was self-administered by both groups to keep this aspect of the data collection consistent.

Client: Market Research Firm
Methodology: Mix-mode – online/F2F
N = 1000; n=500 online and n=500 F2F
Markets: Los Angeles and Houston
Audience: Low and Mid to higher acculturated Hispanic women
LOI:  30-35 minutes
Duration:  10 days (not including set-up/programming)