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    Q-insights Expands with Creative New Facility in Marina Del Rey, California

Q-insights Expands with Creative New Facility in Marina Del Rey, California

After a year of strong growth, Q-insights, a member of the ISA family of companies, announced the opening of their new location in Marina Del Rey, California. Beginning March 1, the state-of-the-art research facility will be used for focus groups, product testing, and appliance research.

“Over the years, our clients have repeatedly requested a West Side presence to go along with our legendary high–quality service and recruiting,” said Jamie Quider, Q-Insights Director of Operations. “This new facility meets those criteria along with a comfortable, modern feel, that will stimulate and inspire respondents in a relaxed and inviting setting.”

The facility is equipped with two standard focus group rooms, with two-way mirrors for client viewing; a large multi-purpose room that will be used for quantitative IDIs, usability, shelf-testing or appliance research. The QI-MRD location has the same flexible, accommodating host staff and project management that Q-inights clients have come to expect, and the focus on quality will continue to be the QI gold standard.

To schedule a tour or check availability, contact Jamie Quider at 818-530-1003.

About Q-insights

ISA’s qualitative division, Q-insights provides national focus group recruiting and coordination plus field management for national F2F/intercept studies. Q-insights is known for an unparalleled expertise in automotive research (car clinics) and in multicultural research targeting unacculturated Hispanic and Asian respondents utilizing an “outside the mall” approach.

Combining coverage in all major markets with the use of mobile data collection Q-insights supports some of the most difficult recruiting and intercept projects while providing highly-accurate data and real-time field reporting.

The Q-insights project team is highly trained and responsive, working with clients to meet their project goals. Q-insights is known for the ability to employ mixed methods such as onsite placement with telephone follow-up. Also, the […]

ISA Marks 35 Years

Watching the next generation of ISA flourish has been fun. Many were born in the 1990’s, and soon we will have the first who were born in this century.
After 35 years at ISA, and almost 40 in market research, what keeps me motivated and looking to the future? Technologies that once seemed like science fiction are now an everyday occurrence. It’s not just the growth of the company and the expansion of our offerings that excites me, its seeing our clients and employees flourish.

When I began my career at Suburban Associates at the Bergen Mall in Paramus, NJ, everything was completed on paper. The company did not even have hand-held calculators! Tabulations were done with punch cards. Move ahead to 2017 — where paper and pencil are considered the dark ages and where ISA completes projects involving passive metering, insight communities, our own MySoapBox Mobile app, projects in Somalian, Urdu and Hmong and large complicated automotive clinics. Diversification is part of our business culture. Our offerings will continue to change and grow in response to dynamic changes in the industry.

We have amazing clients and employees. It would be great to acknowledge all of them by name, but that would take 25 pages. You know who you are. Several of our clients have been with us almost as long as I have. There are ten employees who have been with us for over 25 years and four of those for over 30. It has been a privilege to watch many of our employees meet their significant others here, (or while employed here) and have children. I met my wife, Taylor, at ISA.

Reflecting back on the 35 years of our growth and accomplishments, I am pleased […]

Hispanic Laundry Study

The objective of this AA&U research project was to gain a better understanding of what factors are considered by Hispanic respondents when shopping for laundry detergent and fabric softener for their families. Various aspects of the buying decision were analyzed such as how culture, tradition or product characteristics influence their decision.  Respondents were low acculturated and acculturated 18-49 year old Hispanic females who were responsible for doing the laundry in their household and decide which laundry products to purchase. A mixed mode approach was used whereby the more acculturated respondents were surveyed via SoapBoxSample online and the low acculturated women participated via intercept at unique locations in order to better target this group. The online survey was self-administered by both groups to keep this aspect of the data collection consistent.

Client: Market Research Firm
Methodology: Mix-mode – online/F2F
N = 1000; n=500 online and n=500 F2F
Markets: Los Angeles and Houston
Audience: Low and Mid to higher acculturated Hispanic women
LOI:  30-35 minutes
Duration:  10 days (not including set-up/programming)

ISA Measures Cleveland Residents’ Views on Local Police

Findings Show Racial and Geographic Differences Play a Role in Perception of Police

Los Angeles-based Interviewing Service of America (ISA) launched an important study to examine the levels of trust and confidence in local police among Cleveland, Ohio residents.  After an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2014, officials found that the Cleveland Division of Police practiced excessive force in violation of federal law. As part of a Settlement Agreement between the United States and the City of Cleveland, the Court-appointed Cleveland Police Monitoring Team contracted ISA to conduct a community survey to gauge public perceptions of safety and policing. The survey is one of the first steps toward restoring goodwill between the Cleveland Division of Police and Cleveland’s citizens.

ISA was responsible for gauging and reporting Cleveland residents’ perceptions of policing and safety, specifically regarding use-of-force and police bias. Over a 26-day period, ISA contacted residents by phone (cell phones and landlines) and asked them to share their thoughts. Over 1,400 adults completed the 16-minute survey. To ensure an adequate sample of Latino residents, traditional RDD was augmented with listed sample, which draws listed telephone numbers based on Hispanic surname. Interviews were conducted in English and Spanish. Overall surveys were completed among 236 Hispanics, 635 African Americans, 418 Caucasians as well as 111 other ethnicities.

The study found that although a majority of Cleveland residents believe the police treat all racial and ethnic groups equally at least some of the time, many believe differential treatment still exists. Black and Latino residents are less likely to report that they are treated with respect when they interact with police and are less satisfied with how police handle those interactions. Findings also suggest that Cleveland residents are […]

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SoapBox Expands Sales Division

Jens Erickson Joins Team as Senior Account Executive
July 5, 2016, Los Angeles, CA — SoapBoxSample, part of the ISA family of companies, announced today the expansion of their sales division. Jens Erickson will join the team as a Senior Account Executive. In this role Erickson will manage client accounts and drive sales divisions.

Erickson commented: “It is very exciting to become a part of the SoapBox team. I am very enthusiastic about the diversity of SoapBox’s product set and our aggressive growth goals. I look forward to working with such an experienced team and unique leadership.”
With more than 10 years of experience in Market Research, Erickson most recently served as a Senior Account Executive at Survey Sampling International (SSI). Previously, he also boosted sales divisions at Directions in Research, Critical Mix and Authentic Response.

SoapBoxSample’s rapidly expanding organization allows the company to focus on optimizing new products and services while providing high-quality, customized solutions for their clients. Recently SoapBoxSample acquired icanmakeitbetter (ICMIB), an insight community platform company based in Austin, Texas. With the addition of community capabilities, SoapBoxSample now provides an even more diverse portfolio of products.

Jacqueline Rosales, SoapBoxSample Chief of Operations, added “Bringing Jens on board is a big win for us. With the continued growth and diversification in our product portfolio, we require talent who can ask the tough questions of clients to really understand their business needs and recommend the best approach and combination of methodologies. We are confident that Jens will help us fulfill our aggressive growth goals for the remainder of 2016 and beyond.”

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ISA Acquires Community Platform Company

SoapBoxSample and icanmakeitbetter to Operate in Partnership Following Acquisition
March 2, 2016, Los Angeles, CA — Interviewing Service of America (ISA) announced today their acquisition of Austin, Texas-based community platform company icanmakeitbetter (ICMIB) and its parent company Sentient Services. SoapBoxSample, ISA’s Online Research Division will integrate ICMIB, fueling the expansion of its portfolio of product offerings and rounding out the ICMIB Online Community capabilities.

SoapBoxSample COO Jacqueline Rosales said, “Our goal as we enter into our fourth year is to continue to offer our clients best-in-class approaches and methodologies to meet the changing needs of the research industry. As the focus of research continues to shift more towards a holistic view of the consumer, it is our job to facilitate the deep insights clients are looking for to drive their business decisions.”

While ICMIB will operate largely independently, it will be driven by SoapBoxSample leadership and will become part of the ISA family of companies. Founder Paul Janowitz and the ICMIB team will continue in their current roles, with some SoapBox staffing integration and infrastructure support from ISA.

Founded in 2003, ICMIB is an online community platform that offers a diverse line of community and customer feedback solutions, including focus groups, discussion forums, live chat, digital journals, ideation and panel management.

Paul Janowitz, Founder and CEO, said “We’re very excited about joining the ISA group of companies and working alongside SoapBoxSample to expand our respective capabilities. Today is truly an exciting day and a triumph for innovation and customer collaboration in the research and insights industry. The partnership will allow our leading platform to scale globally and further empower the voice of the customer to engage with businesses and create better outcomes for all parties.”

The acquisition of ICMIB will […]

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SoapBoxSample Hires Product Development Expert

Rapid growth rate continues with new hires and expansion of product lines

March 3, 2016, Los Angeles, CA — SoapBoxSample, a member of the ISA family, expands management team to support new product development. Alon Hartuv has been named Vice President, Product Development & Innovation. In this role he will focus on increasing the functionality of existing SoapBox products and developing new, innovative offerings.

Hartuv commented: “I am very excited to join and be part of SoapBoxSample. I have been involved in Product Development for many years and am excited about the SoapBox success thus far, and the roadmap moving forward.”

With over 15 years of experience in product management, Hartuv most recently served as Product Management Director at Instantly, where he managed the functionality and development of the Instantly Platform. His diverse background includes experience in software development, online transactions, online publishing and online advertising.

SoapBoxSample’s rapidly expanding talent pool allows them to operate an expanded line of services while enhancing automation and developing new features for their mobile product. By building on existing resources, SoapBox has been able to sustain its rapid rate of growth while continuing to deliver high-quality, customized solutions to their clients.

Jacqueline Rosales, SoapBoxSample Chief of Operations, added “Attracting high-level talent like Alon to our team is really exciting to me. SoapBox has super aggressive growth goals this year. Alon’s experience, along with his cultural fit with our team, will drive technology innovations helping SoapBox, and the industry as a whole, move forward.”

About SoapBoxSample

SoapBoxSample, part of the ISA family, offers clients a fresh approach to Online Research by combining three decades of research experience with the latest techniques and technology. Ranging from traditional online studies to mobile and app-based research, SoapBoxSample’s broad spectrum of […]

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Jacqueline Rosales, SoapBox COO, to Emcee SampleCon 2016

Newly Independent SampleCon Appoints Master of Ceremonies for its Flagship Event
January 6, 2016 — The SampleCon Board of Directors officially announced their choice to preside over SampleCon 2016. Jacqueline Rosales, COO of SoapBoxSample and SampleCon Founding Member, will emcee the sample conference coming up later this month. In this role, Jacqueline Rosales will help to foster a collaborative environment for frank discussions about the future of the sample industry in addition to announcing the events, and overseeing the flow of the agenda.

By taking an active role in the re-definition of SampleCon as an independent company, SoapBoxSample aims to positively influence the sample industry for years to come.

Jacqueline Rosales commented, “I’m honored to be playing such a key role in SampleCon 2016. This is a crucial moment for the sample industry. By creating an engaging sample conference now, we can continue to build a community of involved members.”

The only Market Research industry conference focused solely on sampling evolved in 2015 into a non-profit organization run by an independent Board of Directors. As part of the organization’s revamp, Jacqueline Rosales was appointed to an annual term as Treasurer of SampleCon.

SampleCon 2016 will take place January 25-27 at the Ritz-Carlton New Orleans. Exploring progress in sampling will be the focus of the discussions. Over the past year, the Board of Directors and the newly appointed 2016 Conference Board, have partnered with industry bodies to further drive the establishment of common protocols and definitions, explored at the 2015 conference.

About SampleCon

SampleCon was launched in 2013 by Lucid with the goal of creating an open forum for discussion of topics in the sample industry. In 2014, Jacqueline Rosales, SoapBoxSample; Bonnie Breslauer, Lightspeed; and Mendy Orimland, Prodege joined […]

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ISA Chairman Michael Halberstam Featured in MRA SoCal Newsletter

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SoapBoxSample Continues Expansion with Director of Business Development

SoapBoxSample Adds Director of Business Development

SoapBoxSample, a member of the Interviewing Service of America (ISA) family, continues its growth trajectory with the addition of seasoned Business Development professional, Michael Chavarria.

Chavarria comments “I’m excited to join a fast growing company where everyone is dedicated to finding ways to solve our client’s business problems. The experience of the operations team, coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit of our leadership has SoapBoxSample well positioned for success in an industry that’s constantly changing. I look forward to being an integral part of this growth.”

Chavarria joins SoapBoxSample following 5 years at Luth Research, where he specialized in building custom market research solutions for clients with questions revolving around ad effectiveness, audience insights, and path to purchase.

Jacqueline Rosales, Chief of Operations, comments on the new addition. “We are thrilled to have Michael joining our team. His consultative approach to Business Development aligns with our client centric growth focus. Mike’s open-minded, engaged approach to relationships offers clients a business savvy and reliable partner for their research needs.”

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