The objective of this AA&U research project was to gain a better understanding of what factors are considered by Hispanic respondents when shopping for laundry detergent and fabric softener for their families. Various aspects of the buying decision were analyzed such as how culture, tradition or product characteristics influence their decision.  Respondents were low acculturated and acculturated 18-49 year old Hispanic females who were responsible for doing the laundry in their household and decide which laundry products to purchase. A mixed mode approach was used whereby the more acculturated respondents were surveyed via SoapBoxSample online and the low acculturated women participated via intercept at unique locations in order to better target this group. The online survey was self-administered by both groups to keep this aspect of the data collection consistent.

  • Client: Market Research Firm
  • Methodology: Mix-mode – online/F2F
  • N = 1000; n=500 online and n=500 F2F
  • Markets: Los Angeles and Houston
  • Audience: Low and Mid to higher acculturated Hispanic women
  • LOI:  30-35 minutes
  • Duration:  10 days (not including set-up/programming)