ISA’s Areas of Expertise

From the moment we opened our doors on September 1982, our Vision has been to deliver high quality data collection.
Our singular mission is to deliver high-quality data according to the ethical and methodological standards of the many research organizations we belong to. It’s our guiding principle as we drive our business forward and meet new challenges. We ingrain our focus on quality in each and every employee and operationalize quality through key performance metrics. We understand that your data must be collected and processed to the highest standards in the industry. Our training and performance metrics reflect our commitment to our clients’ needs.


Q-insights, member of the ISA family, is a strategic Online sample company. From Online studies to mobile research, Q-insights provides a powerful toolbox for online data collection. Learn More

Data Collection & Processing

Data collection and Processing (tabulation and coding) is what we do. It’s all we do. Since September of 1982 when we conducted our first telephone project to this day. Learn More