Programming That’s Truly Best in Class

ISA has been conducting CATI telephone surveys since 1987. An early adopter of industry leader CfMC’s WebCATI Survent platform, ISA continues to lead the industry with state-of-the-art innovative programming. We consistently receive top customer satisfaction scores and rave reviews from our clients. Our large team of experienced programmers will partner with you to ensure the highest-quality CATI programming with quick turn-around times.

For online programming ISA utilizes three well-known software platforms: IBM SPSS Data Collection, Kinesis and CfMC WebSurvent. Each has specific strengths allowing us to offer greater flexibility to our clients. The benefits of these platforms are:

  • Fully customizable – Surveys can be tailored to your needs and those of your client.
  • Any-language support – All browser-supported languages are accommodated including Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, German, Hindi etc.
  • Linkage Enabled – Connect your survey to data from external sources.
  • Mobile compatible – Surveys can be accessed with any web-enabled smart device.
  • Random Data Generator – Generates “dummy” data to ensure skip patterns are followed.
  • Complex logic set-up – Allows for questionnaire designs to include conjoints, maxdiff exercises, and segmentation algorithms.
  • Real-Time reporting.
  • Flash and HTML 5 compatible.