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COVID-19 Antibody Research

COVID-19 Antibody Research

From Brand Health to Public Health

Beginning with our partnership with LA County and the University of Southern California (USC) in April of 2020, we’ve been working closely with county officials across the U.S. to help measure the spread of COVID-19 through antibody testing.

Connecting with Diverse Communities

To penetrate hard-to-reach communities we apply a multimode process using telephone outreach including cellular and landline contacts lists and our online and proprietary databases. For online recruitment, we leverage our nationwide proprietary panel MySoapBox.

Multi-stage Strategies

We developed custom research instruments and portals designed to collect sensitive information and provide critical status updates and reminders to study participants. We adapted our methods from traditional quantitative research to build a secure, custom three-part system for recruitment and scheduling, on-site check-in and results submission at test locations and a participant facing results portal. By storing personal data and test results within separate databases, we are able to maintain the highest level of data security and privacy for study participants.

Media Coverage

The results of our initial pilot study garnered attention from dozens of local and national news outlets including WSJ, USA Today, LA Times, Washington Post, Business Insider and more. U.S. residents were anxiously seeking information about the virus, and the news media needed hard numbers to report. This made the story particularly attractive to news outlets, especially when coupled with the unusual origins of the project. The broadcast coverage in ABC7, KTLA5, FOX, CBS and publication of the findings from this study resulted in hundreds of thousands of views, giving the general public additional background to help them make more informed decisions about how their families should respond to the pandemic.

As a Solution for Your Business

We work closely with local officials and health experts to create detailed sampling plans, designed to capture a cross-section of diverse communities. We typically recommend a custom approach with mixed mode sampling methodologies to ensure the greatest reach.

Providing Reach, Diversity, and Representation

Our sampling rigor and ability to collect samples balanced to specific population, including multi-lingual and hard-to-reach segments has led to many successful programs over the years.

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